Apple Gives You 8 Reasons To Switch From Android To IPhone

With businesses and scammers desperate for our data, privacy and security are two important factors worth considering. And while Android does its best to keep you safe, iOS seems to do better overall. Apple is slowly but surely losing its grip on iOS. I replaced Safari with Chrome as my default browser and set ProtonMail as my default email client, but I’m still stuck using Signal separately from the default SMS app. On Android, all my chats, including text messages, are in the same app and easier to manage. But if I’m using an iPhone and a Signal contact can only send me a text message, I’ll get the chat outside of Signal.

Android devices have had better technical hardware for years, but due to less fragmentation or variation, iPhones have always been the fastest. I don’t see it changing any time soon either. Apple’s app store is primitive, it’s a bit like Google Play Store in 2009 when it was called “google market”. Even searching for reviews in Apple’s app store is a headache.

That said, Apple literally admitted that it deliberately delayed older iPhones in 2017 and agreed to a $500 million settlement to do so. Gone are the days when Android would be extremely slow and stuck, especially with a 2-year-old phone. If you’re wondering if Android or iPhone is better, read on to learn about all the advantages Androids have over iPhones.

That is, the shiny new iPhone 12 will continue to receive updates until 2025 and even more. And 4 years and 2 Androids later I bought an iPhone and have no intention of going back any time soon. It’s been 1.5 years since then and I’ve never been so confident and satisfied with any other decision I’ve ever made. Remember that iMessages and FaceTime video calls are end-to-end encrypted.

Everyone had an Android smartphone, regardless of the price. I upgraded to an HTC One and then a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The Play Store had an app for literally everything. G Suite and other Google apps became mainstream on mobile devices.

An idea for your photos would be to download all your photos from iCloud to a PC and connect your Android phone to the PC to transfer them there. If that’s not a possibility, a quick Google search will show several more options using software to reach your goal. I had Galaxy S2 and then upgraded to S5.

There is no way to downgrade the application to the previous version. On Android, you have the luxury of installing apps from the web. Just find the iPhone oplader apk file of the app and install it on your device. Didn’t like the latest OnePlus device or aren’t a fan of recent changes to the S21 series?

So, you can also get the reward of Android benefits if you have to spend/waste all that time self-educating about phones. Thank you so much for making it seem a little less impossible. It forgets to mention that Android phones don’t outperform newer iPhones when subjected to real tests. All the RAM and CPU power for androids looks good, but keep in mind that Apple’s silicon has always worked better with its iPhones. Androids are completely different machines that need to be superior to why you look on paper.

I’ve used a few iPhones and iPads before and I know how annoying some pop-ups can be. If you don’t do it the “Apple” way, you’re wrong. Therefore, Apple will insist that you have an iCloud account, upload things to iCloud, etc., etc., etc., and in my opinion, it’s too persistent. Let the user choose what he wants to do…

I just bought it a few months ago and the amount of customization options it has is incredible. Thays why I go with What’sapp is the Android version of iMessage. I love it and it has end-to-end encryption and you can sync with a PC and back up to Google Drive.