Why Wholesale Designer Clothing Is Becoming More Popular

Wholesale designer products provide consumers with Wholesale trends clothing a wide range of benefits. Whether you are interested in obtaining the hottest new items to be released, or you are looking for items that match the latest trends, wholesale distributors have the products you want. These distributors genuinely only sell their merchandise to retail outlets, but it is becoming more and more common for customers to purchase products directly from them.

Wholesale manufacturers are constantly developing new designs to match the latest trends. Many small manufacturers are also setting trends by creating revolutionary new designs. As a result, customers who purchase products from these manufacturers can obtain highly original and innovative products.

If you want to be a trendsetter, purchasing directly from manufacturers will certainly help you in your endeavors. By purchasing directly from manufacturers, you will be one of the first customers to purchase their newest products. You will also be one of the first people to wear the hottest new fashionable items manufacturers sell today.

Many consumers also find the broad selection of products manufacturers sell directly to the public to be desirable too. For this reason alone, more and more consumers are purchasing directly from manufacturers each year. By doing so, they are able to access the entire selection of products every manufacturer sells.

Small boutiques generally only offer a limited selection of products, because they have combed through the mass quantities of clothing items manufacturers sell to provide their customers with an outstanding selection of items. Even so, the items they select may not be suitable for everyone. By broadening the range of items you can choose from, you will be able to find clothing that perfectly matches your unique sense of style.

The tremendous bargains offered by manufacturers are also very attractive in the eyes of consumers. Manufacturers who sell directly to the public are able to bypass the need for retail space and face much lower costs as a result. Due to the lower costs they incur, they can sell their products at remarkably affordable prices.

Why We Need Sex Education

For example, the Latin American and Caribbean region has set up a Center of Excellence with digital training based on extracurricular orientation. In Iran, UNFPA’s digital mHealth platform has been adapted to enable young people to communicate with health experts. In Albania, online platforms were able to reach 35,000 young people during school closure. UNFPA works with governments to implement comprehensive sex education, both in schools and outside schools, through community-based training and outreach. UNFPA also promotes policies and investments in sex education programs that meet internationally agreed standards. Comprehensive sex education enables young people to protect and defend their health, well-being and dignity by providing them with a necessary set of tools for knowledge, attitudes and skills.

Instead, research into sexual risk taking and the effectiveness of the program should guide health professionals and educators in determining the content and form of sex education in the classroom. It is important that new program models are needed to facilitate cooperation between parents, educators and health professionals to effectively provide sex education to young people. The components of these models may include a more explicit focus on values, electronic discussion groups to promote dialogue between parents and teachers, Internet-based sex education for parents and the development of joint statements of principle on sex education involving educators and parents. None of these statements mean that parents who are qualified and comfortable in dealing with sex education for their teenage children should not educate them.

While sex education often focuses on issues of human sexuality, it includes much more. It is an important tool for understanding emotions and establishing relationships with friends and family. By teaching students what is appropriate and what is not, they can form a foundation that will help them set limits and protect their own mental and physical health. Comprehensive sex education is a transformative gender and rights-based approach, both at school and outside school. It is most effective in providing comprehensive sex education over several years by integrating age-appropriate information that explains young people’s development capacities.

State departments of education may also have standards that provide benchmarks that determine what students need to know and can do at specific grade levels. For example, Connecticut and New Jersey have standards similar to current National Sex Education Standards that cover reproduction, STI and pregnancy prevention and healthy relationships. Several other states have general health education standards that are not directly related to sexual health, while others report HIV / STI prevention and withdrawal, but do not require more comprehensive sexual health instruction.

Other examples can be found in the Global State Report on Comprehensive Sexuality Education. Our great thing is that people sometimes want us to go in and spread wrong information. Sometimes it comes from a good place, you know, they worry about teenagers in the class and they say, “Can you come and tell these young people that it will ruin their self-esteem when they have sex?”? Butler, Jeter and Andrades evaluated the student program with a realistic mission, which focused on health problems such as drugs, alcohol, HIV / AIDS and STD prevention. This article provides the framework for an integrated health education program that could form the basis of the proposed legislation for comprehensive sex education. This framework is particularly ingenious because it has a success story and the comments have been largely positive and constructive.

This may include evidence-based curricula that include topics such as mental health, sex education, learning difficulties, sexuality, bullying, suicide, substance abuse, biological puberty and more. However, the focus here will be life like sex doll on sex education curricula for K-12 health education programs. The aim is to assess whether existing health programs adequately inform K-12 students about the recognition and practice of positive interactions in sexual situations.

Lack of action to adopt new legislation, that could improve sex education curricula, reduces the risk of sexual victimization, even in the development phase for K-12 students (Mallet, 2017; CDC, 2019; Leung et al. 2019; NCSL, 2020; Shapiro and Brown, 2018; Smith, Park, Ireland, Elwyn and Thornberry, 2013). In 2000, the China Family Planning Association introduced a new five-year project to “promote reproductive health education among Chinese teenagers and single youth” in twelve boroughs and three provinces. This included a discussion about sex within human relationships, as well as pregnancy and HIV prevention.

What Is A Seo Company?? What Does A Seo Signature Do??

It is important to tailor your business offer to what people are looking for in search engines. Keyword strategy services require a deep understanding seo xidmeti of your business and user behavior. Contains monthly analysis of the keyword volume trend, competitive analysis, SERP analysis and prioritization.

Check the company’s ability to classify a website, target the correct keywords, measure success based on goals, and then assess SEO’s work and strategy quality You can do extensive keyword research and create an extensive digital marketing strategy. SEO black hat problems can take years and tons of money to correct and crush a small local business. These bad actors in digital marketing follow unethical practices that violate search engine guidelines by manipulating results.

However, it will be very difficult to achieve success yourself if you are in a competitive industry. For example, a law firm wants to keep a close eye on questions such as ‘lawyers in my area’ or ‘ hired lawyer’. However, there can be many law firms that are also competing for visibility and it can be extremely difficult to perform better than competitors without the knowledge and experience of experts. Search engines also rely on behavioral data that users leave as a track while searching for content.

SEO is always about considering competitors and, according to him, optimizing the website. An SEO agency or advisor uses SEO strategies on the ground and beyond to improve the ranking of a site, while a digital marketing agency analyzes SEO in the broader context of a marketing campaign. Both provide tools that provide information on target keywords and link profiles to help companies create an SEO strategy Agency-level SEO services are best for organizations that want to be in search engines both locally and nationally.

We help you with this by conducting extensive keyword research from your competitor and discovering ranking options for your business-related target keywords. The optimization phase contains the number of editions on your site that appear at the top of the SERPs. The SEO services offered by the SEO agency to make your website score organically well in search engines, for which companies choose a service partner who works on their website.

Link creation campaigns are provided with links from external sources, such as industry websites, blogs and forums, to create authority on a topic. To maintain a robust link profile, link monitoring and rejection services ensure that spam links or fake notes are erased from your profile. SEO services are trying to increase website traffic of search engines through on-site and beyond optimizations.

You may not have the high-quality content needed to highly classify your specific keywords. An analysis and content strategy gives you a roadmap for higher rankings. SEO services are search engine optimization services that are designed to increase visibility and ultimately organic search traffic to websites. They are often provided by agencies or independent employees who are experts in all aspects of SEO

How Telfar Changed Fashion With Just One Bag

The answer to these two questions in the winter of 2022 is NO, you don’t have to combine the bag with your shoes. The matching shaft bag is not the main trend for winter 2022. Wait, this means that matching bags and shoes are a fashion trend that recovers in the spring of 2022?? Named after the bags used to wear bowling balls, a bowler hat is a domed bag from the center of the dome with generally a few short, thick bands. Pump bags generally have multiple compartments inside and are versatile enough for both casual day and chic evening outfits. There are different styles of handbags and they can be found in many prints and colors.

There is an amazing variety of silhouettes, shapes and designs in the women’s pairing category, with options such as structured, solid, sequined, embellished, embroidered and quilted in your dispensation. It is designed to be transported portable or under the arm and has a minimal amount of interior space for small items such as money, lipstick or beauty products for travel. authenticate louis vuitton 20th century designers began to explore the pockets of women’s clothing as elements that can be both fashionable and functional. Edward Molyneux added dimensional bags to a woman’s suit to emphasize her slim waist instead of holding the contents of her bag. Claire McCardell contained hidden pouch pockets in many of her dresses that could stand out by putting a hand in them.

Undoubtedly the most practical bag option, a backpack bag is ideal for those who prefer hands-free bags. Backpack bags have two shoulder straps and are designed for use on the back to evenly distribute the weight of their daily necessities to prevent shoulder or back injuries. Body bags are huge in the bag because they make life easier. They allow you to have your hands free while traveling or have other items. These bags got their name because they have a long belt designed for full use in the body. Some women also put this belt on their shoulders to enhance the haute couture and the pulling appearance of this accessory.

Choose one on a neutral colored leather such as black or medium to dark brown, so that scratches and stains are not visible, because who else spilled their morning coffee on their bag?? Also try to avoid the types of wallets with a lot of hardware or logos that can date your bag. Backspace-inspired bags will stay here in 2022, said Vanessa Pearce, founder and designer of fashion brand The Wolf Gang.

I also love to do what I love, which in my case creates beautiful ladies’ bags, complements her personal style and completes her appearance to make them even more fantastic. I am an Asiaphile and I have a constant love and fascination for everything Asian: colors, flowers, fauna, people and fabrics are my creative inspiration for my bags. No, I really don’t want to play bags with shoes to become an important fashion trend again. After all, I have an academic background in finance and macro economics and seeing matching bags and shoes worries me.

Different types of bags can be: backpack, cosmetic bags, lace, duffel bag, night bags, men’s bags, suitcases, shoulder bags, etc. The effective use of various techniques such as cake, application and embroidery is also done to give all these bags a fashionable look. Diaper bags are one of the most convenient bags; they are manufactured, more because of their functional usability. They are specially designed to hold baby equipment such as travel wipes, diapers, bottles, toys, etc.

Tips For Using The Internet

Most high school students have 1 to 3 hours of homework per night. If it’s a tough homework day, you should spend more time on homework. It’s a good idea to do a homework schedule, especially if you’re involved in sports or activities or have a job after school.

This feature requires support services for online allocation. You can hire teachers online to work on your homework so you can understand exactly what needs to be done. While online surface lessons seem easy, they are quite difficult because you have to avoid getting distracted while studying online.

Visual learning and real-world application are two important educational concepts in Common Basic Standards. Wyzant believes that individual learning works and works digital study help best when teachers are accessible, affordable and convenient. That is the starting point of the website to develop a simpler way to connect students with experts.

Khan Academy focuses on mastering skills to lay a solid foundation. Teacher panels provide summaries of class performance and help determine where a student needs more training. June strives to enable students to discover what they are good at by providing expert guidance, strong community support and a fun learning experience.

So here we have made 10 tips to help you find the best homework help provider. Students often struggle to understand the material and cannot complete homework on time. Many different websites provide online homework and study tools to ensure that students gain the confidence they need to learn and succeed. Most websites have professional online teachers to help students with different topics. This is because many students remain involved in extracurricular activities and therefore cannot fulfill their tasks. If you are a student who fits this category, online help is the best option.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Led Grow Lamps

Fluorescent growth lighting is very popular for its low costs, both in initial investment and daily use. In fact, they are the cheapest type of growth lighting to buy, making them especially attractive to beginners and hobbyists who want to try to get into hydroponics without spending a lot of money. The scalability of fluorescent growth lights can also be an important factor for those who plan to start small and then expand the scope of their operation. Leading brands such as California LightWorks offer up to 3.0 micromoles per joule efficiency, while HID lamps have less than 1.9 micromoles per joule efficiency.

What you finish is with a healthier plant that gets the right energy and water. Although they are the cheapest option, their high heat output and low efficiency make them the weakest contender for growth light options. Fluorescent lamps have a low heat signature and produce a decent light spectrum for growth. Growing up with fluorescent lamps is a more energy efficient option than growing with incandescent lamps, but they are usually a more expensive option.

Versatility is another good reason why fluorescent lamps are so popular. They come in many shapes, sizes and powers, as well as in a range of wavelengths. With low heat output, CFLs can be placed very close to plants, hung in different positions and used as additional lighting to ensure that all plant parts get the light they need. Fluorescent lamp accessories have that slim profile that is ideal for tight spaces.

Compared to HID lighting, LEDs are relatively new to the manufacturer’s toolbox. Like any other type of technology, many early LEDs were simply not as effective. Many of them were too weak to give plants enough light they needed, forcing grow lights early users to continue other types of lighting. However, current LED systems have undergone rapid evolution and are now better optimized than ever to grow. As mentioned above, LEDs produce much less heat than their HID counterparts.

Producers with a vision for the future learn every day that LEDs are the best lighting sources for indoor, primary or complementary operations Because they consume much less energy than other types of lighting, the growing LED lamps work much colder, simplify cooling needs, reduce cooling equipment and reduce operating costs. So there is a clear winner on this LED vs. fluorescent vegetable light comparison? Well, both types of growth lighting have their advantages, but LEDs perform better than most statistics and drop in price. Another group of downward producers who see fluorescent growth lighting is that their lifespan is significantly shorter than many of the other growth light technology available today. While CFL grow lamps are great for boosting plant growth, they are not so great for the flowering phase, because the light they turn off has no intensity that mimics sunlight in late summer.

Growth LED lighting, on the other hand, can use specific spectra to adjust these maximum absorption ranges. Okay, the best LED culture lighting for houseplants can be slightly more expensive than traditional lighting systems, but they are also more durable in the long run. When it comes to energy efficiency, the growing LED lamps undoubtedly perform better than the best fluorescent lamps. When comparing lighting efficiency, it is important to look at the light levels that are supplied to plants rather than just electric watts. Current LED grow lamps are designed to emit light wavelengths that produce the natural spectrum of daylight, or can be refined to provide ideal wavelengths for the different needs of growing plants. As we know, LED lighting needs less watt to deliver the same amount of light as other grow lights.

Because it is too much heat, it can be harmful to plants and reduce their growth and longevity. Saving energy using LED growth lighting will have a positive economic effect, as it will help reduce HVAC costs at the same time. It can further increase energy efficiency with a software-based energy tracking system.

Horticultural LED grow lights emit the full light spectrum that plants need. In this way, plants can grow as healthy as they would be grown outside. As long as the lights are at the correct distance from the plant and are off at night, plants grown indoors should grow and plants grown outdoors. Since crop lamps mimic the spectrum of the sun, any plant that grows in sunlight can also be grown with LED growth lamps

11 Errors You Should Avoid Before Hiring An Office Cleaning Company

But be careful with a small cleaning service claiming you can do it all. If you take the time to make sure you hire the best, you pay with great cleaning services for your business. Some cleaning companies have high turnover rates and may employ untrained temporary staff. You are much better off with a company with full-time staff that offers excellent service every time they clean. Over time, you will meet cleaning staff and feel safe when they enter and exit your business when you are not there. A professional cleaning company must be prepared to provide proof of insurance, license and certifications.

By hiring expert cleaners, I always look at your online reputation for local sites like Yelp, Foursquare, etc. From there I see good reviews and testimonials from your customers that will somehow help me decide. I think all cleaning services are expert, but the cleaning agents and materials and the cleaning solutions most commonly used are the most important. Select cleaning agents that used organic cleaning solutions and a friendly environment.

You may be able to search for custom cleaning packages, especially if the company knows that you will be a regular customer. However, with some cleaning services you may need to go along with the standard package offered to all potential customers. When examining cleaning services, it is perfectly acceptable to inquire about your experience. More experienced cleaning services are more likely to have the tools and skills efficient over time.

Determine the length of time that the cleaning service is required. Find out exactly what’s in your services and make sure it covers everything you want to clean. If you want something specific, let the cleaning company know in advance so that it is ready to comply with your request. The representative must walk around his house or office before providing a budget. Ask if the cleaning company supplies its own cleaning supplies, otherwise the cost of services should be cheaper.

Some companies have reviews and testimonials on their website. If you think that the cleaning is in no way satisfactory, the house cleaning service must offer to return, discount future services or refund your rate. If a company refuses to do this, it must find another service to work with.

Hiring a home cleaner is like any other aspect of life, you get what you pay for. Another thing to keep in mind when hiring a professional cleaning company is to verify your location. Of course you want to choose a service that is close to your office or industry. Founded window cleaner beaconsfield by Lisa Siciliano and Glen Eddins, Rescue My Time Cleaning Service is proud to offer home and girl cleaning services in communities in Gwinnett County and Barrow. The Rescue My Time Cleaning Service team is trained professionals and old members of the cleaning community.

I wear bed linen, reusable clothes, not many paper towels. And you have to like the person you work for, and they like me. I’ve had women younger than me talking to me like I’m a “waiting lady” and I just refuse to work for someone who thinks of working people like that. If you are rich and live in a “state”, you have a “lady” who probably already works for your family. And finally, I always ask you to miss everything you don’t want, please keep it. You must have your own disorder, money, medicines, etc.

Read the positive and negative reviews as you reviewed them. This gives you a better understanding of the pros and cons of a home cleaning service. On the other hand, some cleaning companies choose to outsource the services they provide completely, simply as an intermediary between customers and cleaning companies. However, there are certain “messages” and / or large spaces that require a full team of dedicated cleaning staff with the right equipment to get the job done. Regardless of your reasons for demanding the services of a professional cleaning company, there are several things you should consider before hiring one.

Foreclosure Defense: Process Servers Allegedly Filing False Affidavits

Recent reports indicate that approximately 462,339 foreclosure cases were pending in Florida as of June 30.

Following foreclosure moratoriums by Ally Financial, Bank of America, J.P. Morgan Chase, and PNC Bank, the settlement of deceptive marketing charges by Wells Fargo, and the Attorney General’s investigation into faulty foreclosure practices at the Florida Default Law Group, the Law Offices of David J. Stern, P.A.; the Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson, P.A.; and Shapiro & Fishman, LLP, investigators have turned up a new problem.

Process servers are now alleged to have filed false affidavits in support of personal service in foreclosure matters.

Foreclosure defense attorneys claim to have documented a number Process server of cases where process servers filed false affidavits. While investigating the law firms that employed “robo-signers,” state investigators are also closely examining service of process in a number of cases.

Recent foreclosure defense cases allege homeowners never received a court summons even though they still occupied their home, while others allege that process servers did not take the required steps to locate them or filed false affidavits about whom or when they delivered papers.

According to the lawsuits, some process servers violated rules related to the personal delivery of legal papers. Like robo-signing foreclosure documents without reviewing them for accuracy, a number of homeowners are now alleging they were never served with foreclosure papers.

Once rare, “bad service” of process has become more common as lenders and their attorneys speed thousands of foreclosure cases through “rocket dockets” that are designed to clear an ever growing backlog.

“With the foreclosure debacle, it’s become more complicated,” says Carlos J. Reyes, a foreclosure defense attorney with the Reyes Law Group in Fort Lauderdale. “For the sake of expediency, process servers are being rushed. As they are paid by the piece, they have an interest in earning a higher income.”

Homeowners involved in foreclosures are required to receive a summons and complaint personally delivered by a process server. Repeated attempts at personal service are required before court permission can be obtained to publish a legal notice in the alternative.

Some process servers have allegedly cut corners. One recently claimed she could not find a homeowner facing foreclosure on a second home, despite conducting extensive record checks. This held true even though the foreclosure complaint clearly provided a primary home address in Connecticut.

Lenders and attorneys typically contract their summons delivery work to large process serving firms, who sub-contract to private independent servers. In her deposition to state investigators, former Stern paralegal Tammie Lou Kapusta, testified that summons serving procedures were a “complete mess,” with homeowners routinely complaining they never received papers.

She and another former employee, Kelly Scott, said their managers told them move forward with the foreclosures anyway.

Investigators also questioned staff at Stern’s firm regarding billing practices that involved serving multiple parties at an address and billing for each one.

“Good service of process is crucial”, Reyes said. He has heard of homeowners losing their home because they never received a summons and missed filing dates or court hearings.

While a court summons must be accepted by an adult, state law does not require it to be served upon the property owner. No one has to sign, verifying receipt, “which makes it easier to say the person was served, when they weren’t,” Reyes said.

Laws governing the service of process vary from state to state. In Florida, there is no statewide licensing or regulating body for process servers, and rules vary greatly among the 20 judicial circuits.

Among the largest with operations in ten states is Tampa-based ProVest. Although ownership interest by the law firms has been denied, they maintain support staff at the Law Offices of David J. Stern and Shapiro & Fishman in Boca Raton. Marshall C. Watson also uses ProVest.

While ProVest declined to comment on specific cases, company president James Ward stated they “utilize properly licensed or authorized independent contractors” and require them to “fully comply with state and local guidelines.”

6 Proven Benefits From A Dedicated Software Development Team

In accordance with the model of the dedicated software development team for your commercial project, an offshore company assigns a team of IT specialists. This team of software developers and other IT professionals is fully focused on the customer’s project, without switching to other tasks. The dedicated team is formed based on the objectives, wishes and requirements of the software client.

Transparent workflows ensure a controlled and controlled product development cycle. Project restrictions and bottlenecks are addressed in the early stages to allow for smoother deliveries. It is easy to focus too much on technical production at the expense of team building and communication when managing a software development team. Each software development project is a complex process that involves more than just writing code. Your software development team must be able to meet business needs in mind at the same time as the end user. It is essential that software development teams clearly define their collective roles and responsibilities to enable effective development.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why you need an offshore development team. Collaboration in software development teams is particularly important, as individually talented developers and software engineers must share skills and solve dedicated software development team problems together to work more efficiently. The beauty of this outsourcing model is that you can maintain full control over the project. As a customer, you can actively participate in most of the process that best suits your business.

For example, you can hire your dedicated development team and let them work on the project. But you can also hire them and work directly with the team to achieve your goals, with a more practical approach. A dedicated development team is a method of outsourcing personnel specifically related to web development. With new technologies, both software and hardware based, that are constantly evolving, it can be difficult for traditional internal IT departments to keep up to date.

When outsourced software development, saving time and costs is the ideal results for choosing a one-stop shop provider. Once a company has worked with an external team of developers and the work delivered meets the established expectations, a long-term relationship has developed. Regarding upcoming IT projects, the company will likely consider hiring the team again. Even if the project runs for years, the dedicated team will always have the talent to carry out the project. This is a major reason why companies used dedicated development teams because they don’t have to worry about staff turnover and projects that are stopped midway due to lack of experience. The amount of time required to develop an application depends directly on the scale of the project and the unique case of commercial use.

Self Defense Keychains Are Worth The Money?

There are martial arts based only on self-defense, such as Kali, Jeet Kune Do and Krav Maga. However, if you are in a beginner class, you will only see basic movements and you will see slow and custom wood keychains unrealistic attacks and compliant partners. This should be the case since the instructor collects his muscle memory. This is one of the most popular types of self-defense key chains out there.

From pepper spray to secret safety jewelry, we’ve compiled a list of options women and men can carry in any situation or just in their bag. Check the legality of buying and transporting any of the following in your state, as some have requirements regarding electric pistol devices and pepper spray. Knowing how to defend yourself effectively in times of danger is paramount, regardless of gender. There are several ways to defend against attackers, one of which is through the use of self-defense weapons.

Generally an extremely effective self defense product that you can easily attach to your key ring. Some newer cubotans also have a built-in whistle that can help draw attention to you and chase an attacker away. For years it has been possible to find pepper spray and Tasers at major retailers that Elle Woods seems to have had an artisan night. Walmart and Target carry strong pink mini tear gas from self-defense company Saber.

It is made of aviation grade aluminum and solid brass and delivers a 10% OC spray with SHU 2 million. It can be used as a weapon if the spray does not reach its intended purpose and can also be used to break glass if necessary. You can also buy refill patterns so that the unit never has to be removed.

We also love these daily transport starter kits, including pepper spray bags and hand disinfectant. If you’re looking for a way to defend yourself at any time, look for nothing but key ring weapons. These non-lethal secret weapons are small enough to hold or carry the keys in your pocket. Always easy to grab and use at any time, a self defense key ring provides peace of mind in any situation. However, these personal security tools have proven effective in dealing with various dangerous situations.

The key ring has a bright SOS LED light that is easy to operate and comes with a strong alarm of 125 decimal places. It is also easy to place in different bags and bags, given the compact size. Vigoroad’s security key ring focuses specifically on personal assistance via security alarms.

However, there are times when everything you have to defend yourself is your key ring. In such situations, it may be too late to take out your pocket knife. What you need to do instead is quickly reach the self-defense keychains to keep the attacker at bay. This key ring has a beautiful and suitable design to give to friends and family for personal protection. It has a slightly pointed point that can seriously bruise and paralyze an attacker when stabbed.

The eyes are about ½ inch wide, so you can easily place two fingers on the knuckle and the ears are about an inch long to stamp into an attacker with a strong blow. They are usually made of forged steel or aluminum so that they can withstand high impact shocks. “All of our products have become increasingly popular, but TASER StrikeLight has seen sales increase most,” adds Angorn. Considered a “self-defensive flashlight stick”, the StrikeLight combines the utility of an 80-lum high-intensity flashlight with the protection of an electric gun.

A small portable electronic device that easily connects to a key ring and can emit a penetrating siren that can be heard hundreds of feet away. These security alarms allow everyone in the neighborhood to instinctively look their way. Depending on the brand and size of the battery, they generally emit a siren between 130 and 140 db. For reference: a military aircraft on takeoff generally emits about 130 db, so these small panic alarms have a big hit. Most tactical cat key chains are about five centimeters long and weigh only one ounce or two.