Smart Ways To Keep Your Travel Money Safe

“Stop him! He stole my purse!”

The above is a powerful sentence that needs no further explanation. The risk of getting robbed has become a part of daily life, we at some point in our lives have been mugged or know someone who can recall a similar incident while he/she was visiting an XYZ tourist spot. We all make big plans for the perfect summer getaway, we all love travelling and exploring new landmarks and tourist attractions, but only a handful of us understand the implications of being in a foreign land. Don’t be fooled by those misleading colorful and tempting tourism brochures; they will never warn you about the rising street crimes in their area and be sure you have an impending risk when the hotels in the area take no responsibility for theft or loss of luggage. In straight words, you are on your own when it comes to safeguarding your precious valuables and money on the go. We have compiled a handy checklist all the travelers should follow before they head out

wallet-the-smart-way-to-keep-your-cash -and-cards-safe

1) Money Pouch – When on the go, it is important that you keep as little cash as possible with you to avoid the situation of being stranded penniless in a foreign country. Keep your passport, tickets and a small stash of money in a small pouch and wear it around your neck or make a small zip pocket on the inside of your jeans. The bag will remain concealed under your clothes, and whenever you are in need of cash, you can go to a private corner and take out as much as necessary. For more convenience one can use zipper bags that hangs inside your jeans from the belt loop. When in need of cash they can yanked up and then stuffed back inside without any hassle.

2) Limit Cash, Use Credit Card – Having credit cards of two different networks helps you a lot when you hit the road. If one gets stolen or misplaced the other one can always come in handy. If by chance you get mugged and your credit card is among the stolen items then call your credit card company and ask to get your card blocked immediately to prevent any unidentified transactions being charged on your card.

3) Use Bank ATM’s – We would like to advise our readers to not use ATM’s at all while travelling but I know most of us will not be able to comply. The best alternative would be to stay clear of any roadside ATM’s that are poorly lit or in an empty corner. Instead, use the ones that are near or inside the bank to ensure your safety. Never count your cash or open your wallet while standing next to an ATM. Never allow any unknown person to stand next to you while you punch in your pin. Lastly always carry a second wallet with business cards and spare change and if you get trapped in a situation then throw that purse on the ground and run in opposite direction.

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