7 Genius Hallway Decor Ideas For Long, Narrow Corridors

Maximize natural light with white walls, great mirror design and furniture that fit the rest of the scheme if you like the idea of a spacious, minimalist inspired gang design. Depending on the size or rather the width, interesting results can be achieved. The market offers narrow dressers and small console tables – they are perfect for such spaces. A small apartment corridor looks better when painted in bright colors, making it look spacious. You can also choose pastel colors: dusty pink, blue or mint. Do not use pendant lamps in your entrance hall, especially if the ceiling is low, because they can make the room even smaller.

It is super thin, but super long, making it perfect as a narrow corridor decoration. Carpets are useful for very smooth floors in houses with young children who run happily through the corridors. Runners can add a touch of color and design to a further sterile corridor. They add a sense of comfort, as the corridors are usually very stiff and empty compared to the rest of the house. A runner is one of the easiest hallway furniture to reach. The modern interior is ideal for rooms such as corridors.

For a more permanent idea of gang decoration, exchange a runner mat for a pattern floor design. An interesting floor design makes it a great conversation and it seems you’ve thought about it a lot. It is a creative solution that has a major impact on the overall aesthetics of your home design. You can easily add interest to a white painted corridor (you probably chose that color because it is reflective and easy to maintain) with a gallery wall idea, made with family images and photos and souvenirs. A bright yellow shade arouses good luck, but we also like the idea of a light pink when you are looking for something more subtle.

With just a few thoughtful accents, you can turn any narrow corridor or corridor into a fantastic, functional entrance that impresses. A rug is not practical in a hallway or entrance, but a stone or wooden floor cannot be welcome. A smart runner who can add color and pattern, take the eye up and down from the room and can be easily cleaned is ideal.

In this house there are also many reflections from the glass that, together with the neutral colored tiles, shed light on the room. A huge door with wooden features and another striking set of wall frames on the door completely transform a disappointing space. In the end, it all depends on what space you plan to use. If an area is so devoid of natural light that painting bright white will not improve the situation, you can choose something richer and deeper that adds a little drama to your home.

A living room is one of the best decoration ideas in the hallway to make your walk feel a dead end runner. It may be purely decorative, but you will find that you use it more when you leave your room or are done 3d wall tiles preparing to leave the house. If you have a wide corridor, you can place a long, narrow bench against one of the walls. A single bench at the end of the corridors is more suitable for a typical narrow corridor.