Forget A Birthday? Not If The Phone Can Help You

Check out the following birthdays on your home screen with one of the four widgets. Say a happy birthday via text message or touch them to call them. We even follow the signs of the Chinese and Western zodiac.

While I also tried to search for free apps, not all of them turned out to be great. Therefore, the list also includes payments with the best features. Forget to wish people on their birthday or birthday??

You can sync Facebook events along with birthdays with the app. The countdown timer will remind you more often as the event approaches. We are constantly improving the reminder function, see “Failed Reminders” in the menu for help in case of an error or send an email to We know that some birthday apps struggle to remind you of birthdays, see birthdays, we are the most reliable birthday calendar.

Finally, the app also supports iCloud sync, which means you can back up birthday reminders and sync all your other Apple products. When it comes to birthday memories in the workplace, we need to think carefully about how to set them up. We need to think about which framework will send the right actions at the right times. They remind you of every special day with a birthday alarm at the right time. You decide whether you want to come home in the morning or evening.

Step 1: Make sure you have a main list of birthdays and other special dates that are kept safe and update when a new date occurs. So adding birthdays and special dates to my diary felt like a good idea. Birthday Pal follows as many birthdays as you want and sends up to four different birthday memories. It also automates the birthday collection process by sending an email to friends requesting their data. An everlasting calendar solves that problem by following the unnamed months of the week for each date. You can also download a printable perpetual birthday reminder calendar at, or use the birthday reminder pdf.

I never realized that some of my contacts have saved birth dates. The good thing about the application is that it not only shows the profile picture and the date of birth of the person, but also their age. Supports input of contacts, which means that all your birthdays are automatically added to the application. You can also add birthdays and other memories to people who are not on your contact list. We saw traditional birthday reminder apps and that’s almost all.

The super birthday app shows you the number of days left for the big day and automatically lets you send e-cards if you want. Clicking on the profile will display more information, such as the zodiac sign, the day it is and the ability to call or send a message. You can choose how and when you want to be reminded, and sort the list by name how to find out someone’s birthday ( ) or remaining days for the birthday. In this post, I’ll show you the steps to take to make calendar memories so you never forget a birthday, birthday or important date again. You can use Google Calendar to remember important birthdays and birthdays of your friends and family. Thanks to this application you will never forget a birthday.

There are separate options for reminders such as calling, texting, gift, party, etc. Unlike other calendars, the birthday calendar cannot be configured to send notifications. If you want birthday reminders on Google Calendar, copy individual birthdays to a personal calendar and set notifications there. There is no limit to the number of countdown timers you can create. It comes with a built-in calendar to plan all major events and fixed reminders. You can import all dates of birth from your Facebook account and a local calendar.

So if you’re ready to pay for a good birthday reminder app, check hdb for free options, read on. Gone are the days on the wall calendar that names next to the dates would have encoded to remind us of birthdays. Choose an online calendar that can be synchronized with all your devices, such as the Google calendar or the Outlook calendar. A handy tip, especially to put birthdays in memory, is to relate them to other important data.