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In some cases, victims have been asked to open a malicious attachment or click on a link that takes them to a fake website where they are asked to provide passwords, account numbers, PINs and access codes. Patches and upgrades are fundamental elements of any system maintenance plan. But how often do you patch your system, when do you upgrade it, what version of your cybersecurity strategy are you using?

Want to know how to develop a sophisticated cybersecurity awareness program for your organization? Make cybersecurity awareness part of onboarding: set the tone cybersecurity awareness training for cybersecurity from day one. Create the mindset that cybersecurity is a priority and show employees that they play a key role in keeping the company safe.

The population of the study is the national critical infrastructure organizations listed in the Notice of Electronic Transactions Act B.E. 2001 in Thailand.10 The sample of 20 organizations was randomly selected through systematic sampling. The awareness presentation used in the training provided the readers with knowledge about cyber threats and phishing attacks. Phishing was simulated in the cloud system and a fake email was sent to the users of these organizations. Our online security awareness and training program fully educates your employees about the online threats they face every day and how to protect themselves from them.

Since employees are one of a company’s biggest vulnerabilities when it comes to security risks, cybersecurity awareness is one strategy that should help neutralize this risk. The results of the two methods were then compared using the independent t-test. All tests were performed at a significance level of 0.05, which means that the test concludes that there is a difference between the means of the risk scores, but they are not actually different. The results suggest that the simulation-based teaching method can increase awareness and is more effective in terms of awareness than the teacher-led teaching method. However, in order to create effective safety awareness, both methods should be integrated and implemented in organizations as they can increase the chances of successfully creating safety awareness.

In addition, the loss of financial data could lead to the theft of money from the respective bank accounts. Don’t use public WiFi – Because WiFi is so easily accessible these days, many companies have work-from-home policies. However, public WiFi in a coffee shop, airport or hotel is almost never secure and is used at your own risk. Malware can easily be transferred between devices on the same network, wireless or not. Corporate policies should include a passage requiring users to connect via a VPN to access work-related materials when away from the office. Mobile device applications may also be required to tell IT and security who is and is not complying with security standards.

This sets the tone for the entire organization, and your leadership team becomes champions of cybersecurity awareness among employees. In PWC’s 2018 Global State of Information Security Survey, nearly half of respondents admitted to not having an employee security awareness training program, despite a 58% increase in employee-related breaches. Our goal is to raise awareness of specific cybersecurity issues among Federal employees and to promote NCSAM-related events at the Federal level. Team-based online cybersecurity training that creates an engaging gaming experience for all levels of employees and is proven to be 16 times more effective than traditional cybersecurity training. All cyber threats are based on financial gain, with payment gateways becoming an easy target for hackers.