AT&T Versus Mediacom: Select One & Make a Value-Rich Internet Choice Today!

Finding an internet connection that delivers a reliable, high-speed connection is no less of a challenge in today’s time. Even though the ISP industry continues to flourish in the U.S. yet selecting an optimum service connection as per the users’ location is quite tough in itself. While staying digitally connected is necessary, the aim is to ensure that reasonably-priced and high-quality services are delivered to residential customers. Reliability is key here, so no matter what options customers pick, the selected services should have the potential to fulfill the communication needs of the target users optimally.

AT&T and Mediacom: Top-Notch Internet Service Providers in the U.S.

Users who are on the hunt for attractive options that instantly upgrade their digital usage should opt for either AT&T or Mediacom! Not only do these two service giants offer great value for money but the wide selection of data and speed tiers they offer, are difficult to ignore!

AT&T and Mediacom are the epitomai of the ideal service provider, who are no stranger to American audiences! Whether one is considering making a switch to another provider or is simply looking for a service upgrade, a user must start by finding out if the respective provider is available in the area.

No matter where a subscriber resides in the country, AT&T’s extensive footprint presents a diverse range of network possibilities. However, Mediacom is also not far behind and is a great option, when one is looking for immense service flexibility and countless speed options in their monthly plan.

And it just gets better with each company, for they are full of feature-packed options!

A Comparison Between the Different Types of Internet

There are various types of internet available in the U.S. today. But what makes the two providers differ from each other? Let’s find out:

AT&T Internet is divided into Hybrid DSL, Fiber, and Fixed Wireless[AA1] . AT&T Fiber plans are hands down, one of the best, which are followed by its DSL counterpart that’s laid on copper wirelines along with the Fixed Wireless option, which is ideal for rural neighborhoods or countryside locations, where internet service is poor. What makes Fixed Wireless stand out is the fact that they facilitate customers with a better connection in contrast to the slower satellite internet options. That’s because AT&T Internet offers symmetrical upload and download speeds, ensuring that users benefit from its terrific service!

Ultimately depending on the internet type and monthly plan a customer selects for their use, it’s the wide availability factor that makes AT&T stand out as a service!


On the other hand, Mediacom deals with only one kind of internet type, that is, cable. Cable is still a relatively faster and better internet option, which is considered far more reliable than DSL internet. Plus it’s also faster than DSL internet.

In addition to this, cable internet is said to rival bang-on with fiber networks, which is a good reason why they are still going strong in the industry! This makes them one of the best choices to opt for, especially in those far-flung areas, where fiber coverage is scarce and not widely available. Subscribers looking to download large amounts of data monthly will enjoy an ISP like Mediacom, that’s known for offering a wide range of high-speed tiers to its target audience.

Spectacular Speed Tiers That Continue to Impress!

Internet service plans differ for several reasons, according to the geographical differences and related network infrastructure.

AT&T’s Internet Speed Tiers

But that’s not the case with AT&T. AT&T internet packages are not divided by varying speed tiers. Instead, all service plans are segmented as per the network’s capability in the respective area. Hence, AT&T aims to deliver the highest speed tier at the subscriber’s location for a reasonable price.

So irrespective of how a user’s daily internet consumption is like, whether light and consists of general browsing or ultra-heavy and consists of online gaming and unswerving Netflix streaming, the subscriber gets the best speed possible at their address!

Top internet speed tiers that AT&T customers simply love:

  • 300 Mbps Download Speed – Internet 300 is considered one of the most recommended fiber internet plans that cost about $55 per month
  • – 2 Gig Internet is a popular household choice of Americans who have access to this plan as it costs $180 per month[AA2] 
  • 5000 Mbps Download and Upload Speed –  5 Gig Internet is highly regarded for being one of the fastest fiber internet plans by AT&T that costs $180 per month

Mediacom’s Internet Speed Tiers

Meanwhile, subscribers will enjoy the basic four stand-alone Mediacom packages that are considered reasonably priced by industry goers! Whether you are a lone user or live in a full house where internet consumption includes lots of HD video streaming on Netflix and online gaming, then Mediacom is perfect for you! No matter where you stand in these demographics, select an internet plan, which accurately describes all your digital needs!

Top internet speed tiers that Mediacom customers simply love:

  • Internet 100, cost about $19.99 per month and comes with a download speed of 100 Mbps and upload speed of 5 Mbps. It comes with a 200 GB data cap
  • Internet 200, cost about $39.99 per month and comes with a download speed of 200 Mbps and upload speed of 10 Mbps. It comes with a 1000 GB data cap
  • Internet 400, cost about $49.99 per month and comes with a download speed of 400 Mbps and an upload speed of 30 Mbps. It comes with a 2000 GB data cap
  • Internet 1 Gig, cost about $59.99 per month a[AA3] nd comes with a download speed of 1000 Mbps and upload speed of 50 Mbps. It comes with a 6000 GB

When it comes to reliability and seamless connectivity, AT& Fiber exceeds the expectations of its subscribers.  An important thing you need to bear in mind is that AT&T Gig plans are available in limited areas.

Personalize Value-Packed Service Bundles

As service providers, both AT&T and Mediacom Internet offer several opportunities for personalizing bundles that target the customer base to save massively. Users have the option to pick two or more services of their choice and bundle them together. This way, they won’t just benefit from discounted rates but will also get a chance to enjoy exclusive perks that come with all packages and plans.

Top U.S. States Where AT&T and Mediacom Have Wide Coverage

Both AT&T and Mediacom are at the top of their game and can be found pretty much anywhere in the country. Their network coverage is known for its high-end reliability and exceptional service.

While AT&T dominates the urban population, ranging from California to Texas, going as far as Michigan and Illinois, there are some areas where AT&T is not a primary provider. At the moment, AT&T is available to digital users in California, Michigan, Texas, Florida, and Illinois among numerous other states of the U.S.

On the other hand, Mediacom covers a smaller service area that’s mostly focused around the Midwest region. This usually includes Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Missouri among many others.

To check whether AT&T or Mediacom, is available in your area, simply enter your ZIP code on their respective website and find out.

Everything You Need to Know About Data Allowance

When it comes to data usage, both AT&T and Mediacom offer eclectic solutions to their target consumers. With AT&T, generous data plans are offered to subscribers that allow flawless streaming, smooth online surfing sessions, and zero glitch gaming for an entire month!

AT&T Internet comes with an unlimited data allowance. However, if one does exceed their AT&T data allowance, then AT&T will notify them of data overage. But they will be not charged. This is for the first two instances. In the third instance, there will be warning notices, followed by an allowance of an additional 50 GB, that’s for a minimal $10.

Whereas, when it comes to Mediacom, the five different speed tiers come with five different data caps, which start from 200 GB. These caps increase significantly, going higher as the download and upload speed increase! However, if subscribers exceed their Mediacom data allowance, then $10 is charged for each additional use of 50 GB of data. With Mediacom, users have the advantage of tracking their data usage as per their plan.

It’s All About the Extras!

With AT&T and Mediacom, it’s all in the details!

Early Termination Fee (ETF)

AT&T does not have an early termination fee (ETF), so if a user is not satisfied with their selected service plan, they can always change without any hassle. Since most AT&T internet plans come monthly, they go even further and offer subscribers a 60-day money-back guarantee[AA4] ! Similar to AT&T, Mediacom also offers a money-back guarantee for their target customer’s redemption. Hence, Mediacom consumers have a 90-day service period during which they have the freedom to cancel their Mediacom service plan without worrying about any penalty!

Equipment Installation Options: Self or Professional

When it comes to equipment installation, subscribers can either opt for professional installation or go the self-installation route. If you want to skip the hassle of booking an appointment or waiting for a technician, consider opting for the latter. However, if you don’t want to install it on your own, it’s better to go for professional installation which costs $99. Consequently, all  worries regarding the service will be minimized. Although the internet equipment offered by AT&T is free, it does come with an additional charge, the non-return equipment fee that’s for about $150. While the ETF for contract plans only is $180[AA5] . Late payments are charged up to $9.99 only.

One important thing to note is that AT&T’s self-install kits can only opt if the respective subscriber’s home is updated with cable wiring that’s compatible with the new internet connection. Otherwise, they will need to call in service technicians to lay down new cable lines and connect their homes to the new provider’s network infrastructure. Meanwhile, Mediacom does not offer a self-installation kit, so users can’t install the internet equipment by themselves. They have to opt for professional installation.

Equipment Charges & Extra Fees

Customers are usually recommended to use their previous device, so that maximum time and money can be saved. However, equipment options vary from provider to provider. Even though AT&T provides a free gateway modem or router device for all its internet plans, the provider does impose a penalty on the subscriber, if they fail to return the AT&T internet equipment before the due date or return it as damaged. This is why AT&T has kept $180 as a fine for damages.

While, on the other hand, Mediacom equipment comes with rental charges of $12/month. Users interested in signing up without the rental modem option, can call Mediacom Customer Support and request the installation of a compatible modem instead. Moreover, users thinking of opting for the mesh Wi-Fi System Eero Pro 6 can rent the internet equipment for a fee of $10 per month. There is also the option for a user to use their router that does not involve contact with Mediacom.

The Bottom Line

It is always suggested that one should thoroughly find all service-related info before making the final choice to switch or upgrade the present connection. The idea of this article is not to pit two well-known providers against each other but to present factors, which make them stand out from the pool of providers available within the U.S.

Although selecting any one of the two can be a challenge, the idea is to present a unique comparison between the two ISPs to guide you, especially if you are thinking about switching providers or are confused about which provider to get hold of when relocating to a new city or state.

In that case, it is highly recommended that one should pick a service provider that meets their needs optimally. Although both these services are popular and are known to offer a wide range of services from a speedy internet connection to the best TV service to highly-reliable phone services in the U.S., they even boast of an impressive coverage, which even caters to under-resourced regions as well!

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