Self Defense Keychains Are Worth The Money?

There are martial arts based only on self-defense, such as Kali, Jeet Kune Do and Krav Maga. However, if you are in a beginner class, you will only see basic movements and you will see slow and custom wood keychains unrealistic attacks and compliant partners. This should be the case since the instructor collects his muscle memory. This is one of the most popular types of self-defense key chains out there.

From pepper spray to secret safety jewelry, we’ve compiled a list of options women and men can carry in any situation or just in their bag. Check the legality of buying and transporting any of the following in your state, as some have requirements regarding electric pistol devices and pepper spray. Knowing how to defend yourself effectively in times of danger is paramount, regardless of gender. There are several ways to defend against attackers, one of which is through the use of self-defense weapons.

Generally an extremely effective self defense product that you can easily attach to your key ring. Some newer cubotans also have a built-in whistle that can help draw attention to you and chase an attacker away. For years it has been possible to find pepper spray and Tasers at major retailers that Elle Woods seems to have had an artisan night. Walmart and Target carry strong pink mini tear gas from self-defense company Saber.

It is made of aviation grade aluminum and solid brass and delivers a 10% OC spray with SHU 2 million. It can be used as a weapon if the spray does not reach its intended purpose and can also be used to break glass if necessary. You can also buy refill patterns so that the unit never has to be removed.

We also love these daily transport starter kits, including pepper spray bags and hand disinfectant. If you’re looking for a way to defend yourself at any time, look for nothing but key ring weapons. These non-lethal secret weapons are small enough to hold or carry the keys in your pocket. Always easy to grab and use at any time, a self defense key ring provides peace of mind in any situation. However, these personal security tools have proven effective in dealing with various dangerous situations.

The key ring has a bright SOS LED light that is easy to operate and comes with a strong alarm of 125 decimal places. It is also easy to place in different bags and bags, given the compact size. Vigoroad’s security key ring focuses specifically on personal assistance via security alarms.

However, there are times when everything you have to defend yourself is your key ring. In such situations, it may be too late to take out your pocket knife. What you need to do instead is quickly reach the self-defense keychains to keep the attacker at bay. This key ring has a beautiful and suitable design to give to friends and family for personal protection. It has a slightly pointed point that can seriously bruise and paralyze an attacker when stabbed.

The eyes are about ½ inch wide, so you can easily place two fingers on the knuckle and the ears are about an inch long to stamp into an attacker with a strong blow. They are usually made of forged steel or aluminum so that they can withstand high impact shocks. “All of our products have become increasingly popular, but TASER StrikeLight has seen sales increase most,” adds Angorn. Considered a “self-defensive flashlight stick”, the StrikeLight combines the utility of an 80-lum high-intensity flashlight with the protection of an electric gun.

A small portable electronic device that easily connects to a key ring and can emit a penetrating siren that can be heard hundreds of feet away. These security alarms allow everyone in the neighborhood to instinctively look their way. Depending on the brand and size of the battery, they generally emit a siren between 130 and 140 db. For reference: a military aircraft on takeoff generally emits about 130 db, so these small panic alarms have a big hit. Most tactical cat key chains are about five centimeters long and weigh only one ounce or two.