Guide For Square Cartridge Heaters

TUTCO stores many standard cartridge heaters with a maximum coverage temperature of 1000 ° F (538 ° C). Double voltage and three-phase options are available in selected diameters. TUTCO engineers can work with you to design and manufacture custom cartridge / heating solutions in multiple shapes, lengths, connectors and with distributed or zoned powers. Good heat control is an essential part of the treatment of patients in the medical field.

The patterned construction offers the highest possible heat transfer rates and watt density. It can withstand impact and vibration applications and we also have the ability to create a variety of stamps to meet your needs. The life of the cartridge heater is directly related to the internal operating temperature. Watt-Flex cartridge heaters work significantly colder and have a more uniform temperature profile than conventional heating elements. Rectangular Cables: Fiberglass insulated cables come out of the cartridge heater jacket at right angles for easy access and routing.

Although the construction will differ between high watt density cartridge heaters and medium watt density, both exchanged heating elements are made of advanced materials. NPH’s split-sheath cartridge heaters use a unique patented split-sheath design that expands when empowered to maximize heat transfer through more contact with the hole wall. Better heat transfers less energy to maintain the temperature of the set point, reducing operating costs.

Many healing processes require exceptionally close heat control for patient safety and successful healing. Some of the applications of cartridge heaters are thermal control of baby incubators, kidney dialysis machines and injection ports. In a wide variety of medical applications, cartridge heaters are Mica Band Heater Manufacturer used to heat aluminum or stainless steel subsets for exceptional heat transfer and uniform temperature. Higher voltage voltages within the heater allow lower maximum watt dens in 480 volt applications, either with two 240 volt heating elements in series or with specially classified 480 volt units.

Ships can reach extreme temperatures because cartridge heaters can be designed with higher water densities. High density watt cartridge heaters can also have different types of cable connections. Stainless steel braided cables are used for more mechanical processes against mechanical stresses.