What Are The Phases Of A Construction Project??

This includes closing documents, such as manuals, custom drawings, accounting and insurance. Of course, the insurance must be changed from construction insurance to permanent property insurance. For larger projects, the post-construction phase is a formalized process known as commissioning. Here the systems are tested to ensure they meet the specified requirements. The main contractor retains overall control of the project at this stage. On the other hand, the design team is responsible for quality control to see if the project meets the approved plans.

At this stage, each employee receives his own schedule that he must adhere to. During construction, project team members continue to fulfill their respective roles. The GC retains control of the process, manages resources and monitors, documents and communicates the progress of the project. The design team will monitor work to verify compliance with approved plans, review change orders, replacement requests, assess shipments and respond to requests for information . At this stage of the project, the GC will award contracts to its subcontractors.

To be eligible for consideration, contractors must be able to demonstrate that they can manage public safety; decision making, engineering, writing, human resources and time, cost and quality management. Contractors who meet these guidelines are selected through a selection with low bids, a selection with better value or a selection based on assessments, all common measures. During each phase of the construction life cycle, Lx Projects is designed to meet the needs of project managers and construction managers.

If they are not yet known, all construction project managers should become familiar with the five phases of project management, as developed by the Project Management Institute. Post-construction maintenance is a very important phase of the construction process that is completed after the owner has taken control of the property. Builders will generally provide IntelliSpeX software review homeowners and other building owners with a specific maintenance period in which they will wait a certain amount of time before returning home and performing the necessary maintenance. Construction problems are not always immediately apparent after a project is completed, so it is important that the contractor you hire provides maintenance after construction.

Sometimes approval can go from one committee to another until all relevant parties are satisfied. Licenses may also undergo different assessment cycles, with the design team having to make the changes ordered by construction officials. Other disciplines will also collaborate at this stage: mechanical, electrical and plumbing engineers will have to coordinate their service designs with the architect and constructor. Together, the design team will work on completing a range of offers, a drawing package used to request offers from general contractors .