8 Reasons To Attend Oktoberfest At Least Once In Your Life

In 1818 carnival stalls appeared; The most important prizes were silver, porcelain and jewelry. The city fathers took charge of the festival in 1819 and it was decided that Oktoberfest would become an annual event. In 1832, the date was moved a few weeks later, when a Greek delegation arrived. He inspired them for the Zappas Olympic Games which became the modern Olympic Games in 1896.

Freshly baked and pasty pretzels, covered with salt, are delicious and very popular. Also, expect to try the traditional sausages and seemingly endless dessert options available at Oktoberfest. Read more about the foods you should try at Oktoberfest on our blog.

All the beer served at Oktoberfest is 13.5% Stammwürze, which corresponds to about 6% alcohol content. Beer is also often stronger than at home, so stick with and eat a lot.

In its current form, the parade has been taking place since 1935, in which all breweries participated for the first time. Since then, the parade has been led by the Münchner Kindl, followed since 1950 by the titular mayor of Munich in the family car Schottenhammel. This is followed by the decorated horse-drawn carriages and floats of the breweries and the carriages of the other restaurateurs and showmen. It took place and started a day earlier than usual in the southern part of the festival site. A specially brewed beer, horse races and a museum tent gave visitors an impression of what the event felt like two centuries ago. While Oktoberfest has a wild fairground atmosphere, it also has a lot of delicious traditional dishes to absorb all that beer.

If you have reservations and coupons, tipping is sometimes included. In this case, you don’t need to tip extra, or just if you think the service was extraordinary. If the tip is not included, the waitress will tell you what the tip is. In fact, it’s not really a tip, it’s more of a “service fee”. It should not exceed 10 to 15% of the price of beer or food. And yes, giving an extra tip ensures that the waitress always serves you on time and in quality.

It is one of Germany’s most famous events and is the largest trade fair in the world, with more than six million people attending each year. In 1811, a show was added to promote Bavarian agriculture. In 1813, the festival Oktoberfest 2023 was cancelled due to Bavaria’s participation in the Napoleonic Wars, after which Oktoberfest grew from year to year. Horse racing was accompanied by climbing trees, bowling alleys and swings and other attractions.

] the tumultuous party mentality and the preservation of the traditional beer tent atmosphere. At the end of the 19th century, a reorganization took place. Until then, there were bowling games, large dance floors and trees to climb into the beer stalls. The organizers wanted more space for guests and musicians, making the stands breweries that are still used today.