Many consumers mistakenly assume that a yellow sticker means that the device is Energy Star certified. If a device meets the requirements to be certified, the Energy Star logo will appear on this yellow sticker, usually in the lower right corner. Because Energy Star certified devices are not only tested to determine energy efficiency, but also for performance, they are a smart investment. Smart technology gives an idea of how you use kitchen appliances.

Some owners are in love with the idea of adding these devices to their Internet-connected home. Others are not convinced that they are ready to spend a lot of money on functionalities that they cannot use. There is no doubt that technology is an integral part of our lives today, and there are many benefits to taking it home. Simple everyday items, such as pots and utensils, have been updated with smart technology, adding convenience and value like never before. Because these devices offer you more automation, you can do more at home using a small amount of energy at a cheaper cost.

Because they use less energy to operate, energy efficient devices can reduce your home’s energy costs. For example, an Energy Star certified refrigerator uses 9% less than a conventional, uncertified model. Although the savings of 9% don’t seem like much at first, this can really be added up if we consider that the average life of a refrigerator is 14 years.

GE CleanSpeak technology uses the Internet to send a signal from the washer to the dryer, which will then automatically select an appropriate cycle and drying time, reducing cycle time and saving money. If you select a recipe for the company’s smart refrigerator, you can send the same data to the smart oven, which Appliance repair GTA will automatically heat up to the desired temperature according to the recipe. “This technology is still in its infancy, but we hope to see much more interoperability between devices in the future,” says White. Improvements in kitchen technology change the way we cook, store food, and interact with our homes.

Choosing new devices is fun, but you have plenty of options to take! Before choosing the color and functionality of your new device, you must decide if you want gas or electricity. There are benefits to both of us, so we’ve broken down the pros and cons to help you determine which option is right for you.